Agriculture Technology, also known as AgTech, is a progressive industry that marries agriculture, scientific advancements, and innovative solutions for pressing issues within the food sector, from combatting crop loss and reducing carbon footprints to addressing the challenges posed by climate change and food insecurity.   

Our journey into the AgTech realm has been enriched by our connections within the agricultural community, forged through collaborations with farmers through specialty food distributors. Additionally, our involvement with various mentorship programs at NC State has equipped us with further insight into the industry. Residing in a state grappling with 11% food insecurity amidst abundant agricultural resources further fuels our commitment to this cause. 

Our strength in communications enables us to serve as advocates, bridging the gap between complex scientific concepts and accessible messaging tailored for farmers, investors, strategic partners, and even the general public. By translating intimidating jargon into relatable narratives, we underscore the significance of the AgTech industry and foster its sustained expansion. 


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Agriculture AgTech Animal Science Co-Manufacturing Co-Packing Farming Food Manufacturing Food Sciences Vertical Farming

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Our multifaceted approach to marketing specialty food and retail stores focuses on crafting resonant messaging and aligning efforts with e-commerce for maximum visibility. Leveraging our extensive experience with the entire supply chain, we create informed strategies that strengthen retailer-vendor relationships and drive mutual success.

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