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At the heart of Food Seen lies a deep love for food and its incredible power to bring people together. Just as a restaurant serves as a community hub, we understand that a beautifully dressed kitchen table plays the same vital role in homes everywhere. 

Over the years, we have honed our craft of marketing tableware to consumers and retailers by working with respected brands such as Bauscher Hepp, Tuxton, Vietri, and Replacements. These projects have ultimately springboarded us into the gifting and home decor spaces as well. 

Our marketing efforts are meticulously planned with every important B2C avenue in mind, including print catalogs, websites, billboards, registries, and social media use. Our strategies prioritize regular photography to keep existing products fresh and relevant while showcasing new offerings in impactful ways. From storyboarding, prop shopping, styling, modeling, and editing, our team is well-versed in providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. 

By staying current with consumer, home decor, and tabletop trends, and combining this with a deep understanding of established customer profiles, we help our clients create enticing scenes for strategic content placement and messaging, ultimately driving more purchases. 


Brands we’ve worked with:

Vietri, Tuxton, Bauscher Hepp, Replacements


Industry Categories

Bath and Body Cutlery Dinnerware Furnishings Furniture Furniture Manufacturing Gifting Gifts Glassware Home Décor Hospitality Interiors Registries Tableware

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